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Any buildings you are responsible for need to be checked for asbestos. We can help you to make an effective asbestos management plan.

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The law requires you not only to determine whether asbestos is present or not in the buildings you are responsible for, but to manage it.

The first step in this process is surveying and sampling to find out where asbestos is, and the next step is to conduct a risk assessment on the dangers it may pose. However, the information gathered is useless unless you put it to use.


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The Duty Holder has a responsibility to:

  • Identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) present
  • Assess the risk posed by ACMs
  • Prepare a detailed written plan on how to manage the risk of asbestos
  • Implement the Asbestos Management Plan
  • Review and monitor to ensure compliance
  • Inform those who need to know of the location and condition of ACMs

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