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Our experienced consultants can undertake a legionella risk assessment and will take into account current management plans and previous surveys.

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Legionella Compliance Assessment

Maintaining legionella compliance is incredibly important, and the best way to ensure your premises are safe and compliant is to undertake a legionella risk assessment, which is a visual inspection of your property’s water system. It involves inspecting all water outlets, pipes and tanks and also assessing the risks of each asset and the management that is in place to cover the monitoring side of your building. The risk assessment should be reviewed on a regular basis and may need to be renewed, this can be due to building changes, new installations of pipe work or changes in regulations.

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Legionella Consultancy

Legionella Management Plans – Our management plans will help you to meet water safety compliance, providing key information and actions to be taken to ensure you remain safe.

Gap Analysis – A gap analysis allows us to gain a snapshot of your current levels of compliance with legislation. Our experienced consultants will analyse your site(s), taking into account current management plans and any previous surveys. The compliance level is determined and an action plan is put in place to get you back on track. Whether your portfolio is for one site or 300, we guarantee to get you compliant moving forward.

Water Hygiene Services

Outlet Flushing – If an outlet in your building is low-use or even not used at all, stagnant water can allow legionella bacteria to increase considerably. Low use outlet flushing should take place weekly, and each outlet should also be flushed for two minutes. Leeds Environmental can include flushing in our monitoring package if required, or provide a facility to record your own flushing.

Temperature Monitoring – Taking temperatures is the easiest and most common way to reduce the risk of legionella. Hot and cold outlets need to be within a certain temperature to ensure the legionella bacteria is eliminated.

Monthly checks will be undertaken to ensure your outlets are working correctly and also at the right temperature. Additionally, you will receive a monthly report of all temperatures taken, any faults and a suggestion of how to proceed.

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